Iberian Sausages

Iberian Sausages of Extremadura

Our Iberian Sausages of Extremadura, are sausages made in a traditional way, from Iberian pig meat of own breeding, in our Dehesas located near the town of Trujillo, internationally known for its meadows, and linked to this ecosystem so typical of this region, Iberian hams and Iberian Sausages of Extremadura.

Within our range of Iberian Sausages of Extremadura, you can find Iberian sausages of bait, Iberian sausages of acorn, Iberian sausages, all and each of them collect the relevant sanitary regulations.

In Iberpro we have our own slaughterhouse and drying facilities, where we make all our products in a traditional way, conserving the most traditional techniques to enhance the flavor, preserve the quality and durability of our elaborations.

All Iberian Sausages of Extremadura that you will find in our Online Store are of own elaboration.

Ibericos Propios (IberPro) is certified with the quality seal of Extremadura.

Iberian Sausages

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