Iberian Loin

Iberian Loin of Extremadura

We present our section dedicated to Iberian Loin of Extremadura, a delicious sausage, healthy, and natural, a sausage, which like other Iberian sausages, is included in the Mediterranean diet, for its high nutritive values, and being a rich food in proteins, its consumption is recommended especially for athletes and people who seek growth of their muscle mass.

The Iberian Loin of Extremadura that we elaborate in Iberpro, is also a food that faithfully represents what an authentic traditional Extremadura sausage should be, since from Iberpro we follow a strict method of artisanal production, in which we only use meat from our own livestock Iberian, that grows in our own pastures, to continue with a process of traditional elaboration and curing in our wineries, with which we obtain an Iberian Loin of Extremadura of superior quality and flavor.

Iberian Loin

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