Iberpro, Artisanal Extremeños Iberico sausages.

Extremadura traditional Iberian sausages, using traditional formulas throughout the production process. Our own Iberian livestock, are fed in the large Dehesas of the Comarca of Trujillo, resulting in unique products of superior quality and incomparable flavor.

Who are we?

Iberpro is a family business located in Extremadura, with the purpose of making consumers enjoy any place, the real Iberian cold meats of Extremadura, and for this we produce hams and Iberian sausages of the highest quality, natural ingredients of the local garden and the excellent meat from our own Iberian livestock, which is raised in the pastures near our production center, located in the municipality of Torrecillas de la Tiesa, in the district of Trujillo, a place equipped with the ideal climate and dehesas for the development of our Iberian livestock, on which all our activity revolves.

Our Iberian pigs graze freely in the dehesa that Iberpro has in this municipality for approximately 14 months, dehesa carefully cared for this purpose, in order to give a higher quality to your final product. And this is what makes customers choose our brand.



Our production facilities have more than 3,000 m2, in which we work under the strictest quality and hygiene controls, in modern buildings, without forgetting the methods of our ancestors to obtain Iberian products of the highest quality with the flavor of always.



From IBERPRO we take care of the whole process of the Iberian product, from its care in the dehesa of Extremadura to the final commercialization. For this we have more than 300 hectares of private pasture where the care and reproduction of our Iberian pigs is located, from where they pass to the production chain, all this from a rigorous sanitary control.

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